Ideal for the hospitality sector
A truly unique concept combing freedom of design and high quality for endless options in your next floor project. You can choose among standard or custom designs in different qualities to suit your taste and need.
A sustainable concept
Do you care about the environmen but do not want to compromise your design ambitions? Then ReForm is the concept for you. Made for recycled and regenerable materials, you have a beautiful, sustainable choice.
Adapted to modern office interior styles
Do you need a highly durable carpet for your next office design? And do you love a minimalist look, where woven details, texture and colour choice define your floor design?
It is all in the detail.
A high quality yet budget friendly concept
The minimalistic and stylish expression is comparable to the Epoca collections but the price is a little lower.
Una is produced in predyed yarns, which reduces the price and the selection equally.
Combines the rawness with sustainability
Rawline Scala
The collection combines the rawness of the flat woven look and feel with all of the acoustical and practical advantages, making the carpet material superior to any interior design.