Sustainable is beautiful

Designing beautiful carpets for a sustainable future 
We exist to design beautiful carpets for a sustainable future. By continuously rethinking the ways of production and pioneering the art of creative design, we believe in making sustainability a beautiful choice. 

It all started in 1938 with the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, who envisioned and realized novel carpet creations by weaving the traditions of arts into the crafts of industrial quality. From a virtue of persistency, he believed that if you keep at it, and work hard, anything is possible.

While it is our business to create exceptional carpets, it has always been our ethical duty to inspire for the progress of society. By constantly challenging the conventions of production, we impatiently demand more of today to ensure that we create a better tomorrow – one carpet at a time. 

At the core of our DNA is a pioneering spirit, a human approach and the willingness to always walk the extra mile. Together, we are guided by our three fundamental virtues:

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we find solutions to all individual requests

Let’s weave a greener future

Period 1 May 2023 - 30 April 2024
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