Art and design carpets

Want to take your design project to new heights?

Want to combine the strongest effects to tell your story, or to use a surprising element that enhances the art or design experience?

The floor is often an overlooked surface that is just waiting for you to put it to use. The visual expression of catwalks, fashion shows, VIP areas, events and art exhibitions are transformed when carpet fully utilised as the strong communicator it is.

With its often impressive size, the floor can stand alone in your communication or serve as part of a greater whole, where its design can provide the perfect contrast or compliment to the other objects in your project.

Custom-design is the dream of most designers. It offers an infinite range of possibilities, as a custom pattern and choice of colours can transform the floor or other surfaces into soft sculptural elements.

Projects from all over the world

Projects from all over the world
Projects from all over the world
Art and design projects

All over the world

Experience how carpets have helped create trendsetting ambiences in beautiful art and design locations around the world.
We are proud to be leading the way by challenging the interior settings of the rooms that frame our lives. Our urge to explore space drives us to experiment with the fundamental perception of any room making well-known elements seem new and compelling.
Enjoy a small selection of amazing spaces where the floors are covered with rugs, broadloom, tiles or planks from Ege Carpets.
Join us on a trip around the world
The LOVE Party is one of the stand out red carpet moments at Cannes Film Festival and with Chopard, we are excited to see all aspects of sustainable design, from the jewellery to the carpet.
Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman and CEO of Aquafil
Chopard LOVE Party
Chopard LOVE Party

Cannes Film Festival 2019

At the Film Festival in Cannes, France, we partnered up with Chopard and Aquafil to craft a multi-coloured carpet with green characteristics at the Chopard LOVE Party. Every element from décor to cocktails was specially selected – including the custom-designed carpet produced with ECONYL® yarn from Aquafil.
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Highline Custom Design

Highline Custom Design
Highline Custom Design
Highline Custom Design

Full freedom of design

At Ege Carpets, the sky is the limit when you want to create unique spaces for a project. Thanks to advanced production technology, you can create a your very own design to suit any individual project - and meet any requirements you may have for special design and quality.
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