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In an open office environment, where many people work in the same space, sound caused by phone calls and other disturbances is a potential threat to the health and wellbeing of office workers. Many employers therefore decide to lay carpets, which have effective sound-absorbing qualities and create conditions for greater individual freedom of movement. The indoor environment is better because the carpet binds dust particles – and, of course, it does not emit harmful gases of any kind.

Carpets can also be used to subdivide the open office space into smaller zones and show the way to specific areas. Wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles are excellent choices for office environments. If you have raised floors, carpet tiles are the ideal choice as they provide easy access to underfloor cabling.

The durability of the carpet is decisive for office comfort. For example, it is important that your carpet is tested for use with wheeled office chairs. A good carpet can withstand years of use, even in the busiest of offices. 

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Projects from all over the world

Projects from all over the world
Projects from all over the world
Office projects

All over the world

Experience how carpets have helped create trendsetting ambiences in beautiful office locations around the world.
We are proud to be leading the way by challenging the interior settings of the rooms that frame our lives. Our urge to explore space drives us to experiment with the fundamental perception of any room making well-known elements seem new and compelling.
Enjoy a small selection of amazing spaces where the floors are covered with rugs, broadloom, tiles or planks from Ege Carpets.
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It’s about creating places to which people want to go rather than have to go – especially as remote working will likely increase.
The complete guide to office carpeting
Choosing and planning carpets for your office project

The complete guide to office carpeting

Office carpets are on top of the list for many businesses when choosing what kind of flooring the office should have. With brilliant design selections, great acoustic qualities and an abundance of other advantages that check all the right boxes, carpets for offices are always a solid choice for commercial flooring.
Take it from us, however, that selecting the right office carpets for each of your projects may not be as easy as it appears. Therefore, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to take you through the entire process of choosing the best office carpets.
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