ISO 9001

ISO 9001 quality assurance
Quality is a keyword for all our products and services: It is an entrenched part of our business philosophy and of everything we do. We define quality as the sense of security that is created when we achieve a balance between the client’s expectations of our products and services, and their experience of these.

ISO 9001 is a certified quality system that supports us in achieving our quality objectives. At the same time the system ensures that we continually develop and deliver our products and services with a high uniform level of quality. Our quality assurance system includes training programmes, which help ensure that our staff are committed and well-trained and that they can and have the will to provide a professional service adapted to the needs of the individual client.

Evidence of high quality level
ISO 9001 is visible evidence of the fact that we work on a daily basis to ensure a standardised and consistent quality for our products and services. No matter if it is product development, raw material procurement, production or customer service, our goal is consistently to improve quality standards - in your best interests.

ISO 14001

Environmental management ensures high standard
ISO 14001 is one of the most commonly used environmental management standards in the world. It takes great efforts to earn environmental certification.
The company has to develop policies and procedures to ensure the best quality at all times, and documented targets must be set for the improvement and development of these measures. Our efforts in connection with ISO 14001 include:​
  • Purification and recycling of wastewater
  • Surplus heat used to heat local homes
  • 100% renewable energy covers electricity consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Recycling and reuse in production
  • Recycled materials in the carpets
ISO 14001 requires a thorough inspection of the company’s environmental efforts.

ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management leads to happy employees
ISO 45001 is one of the most common occupational health and safety management standards. It takes great attention to the working environment, safety, well-being and working conditions to earn ISO 45001 certification.
The company must be able to demonstrate its good working conditions in the form of policies, procedures, goals and initiatives to improve year after year.
Our efforts in connection with ISO 45001 include:
  • Training of first aid responders and fire-fighting corps
  • Safety ambassadors in all departments
  • Large selection of protective gear
  • Well-being surveys
  • On-site physiotherapy and podiatry treatment at the company
  • Optional health insurance and dental insurance schemes

    With ISO 45001, we ensure a continuous focus on improving the working conditions of our employees.

DS 49001

CSR management ensures responsibility at all levels
DS 49001 is a comprehensive corporate standard for social responsibility. The standard requires the company to work diligently on everything from good business practices and organisational management, to the environment, human rights, consumer issues and local community involvement. Our efforts in connection with DS 49001 include: 
Supplier management
Human rights
Animal welfare
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Labelling schemes
In many respects, DS 49001 is the umbrella covering our efforts relating to the environment and occupational health and safety.
The standard is your guarantee that when you buy from Ege Carpets, you are buying responsibly. 
We have decades of experience in being green.
We are the most environmental certified carpet manufacturer in the world.

Indoor Air Comfort Gold

The best indoor environment with Indoor Air Comfort GOLD
Eurofin’s Indoor Air Comfort is an innovative certification scheme that attests to a product’s compliance with Europe’s low VAC emission requirements. The GOLD certification is the highest level in the scheme and guarantees compliance with all legal specifications issued by EU authorities regarding emissions. The certification also meets many of the voluntary specifications regarding emissions that are required by relevant labelling schemes and similar specifications in the EU. GOLD-certified products thus have the best available low emissions, and all carpets from Ege Carpets are naturally certified at this level.


EPD documents the carpet life cycle 
EPD is an environment product declaration that is available for many carpets from Ege Carpets. It is a brief document, which sums up the environmental profile of a product or service in a standardised and objective way.

An EPD is made on the foundation of a lifecycle analysis (LCA). The standardised method ensures that the information is adapted to each product category making comparisons from product to product possible regardless of borders from country to country and can be used when a building is environmentally classified. Our individual carpet product specifications state if the product has an EPD.






Life cycle analysis with BRE certificate 
The BRE certificate documents how much the carpet impacts the environment. The British consultancy firm BRE Certification Ltd. prepares environmental profiles that make it possible to list all building materials in a universal measurement system which describes the environmental impact of the materials throughout their lifecycle.
These environmental profiles enable architects, interior designers, buyers, etc. to select carpets with good environmental characteristics.

The BRE certificate provides information on the environmental characteristics of the carpet in relation to a series of pre-defined requirements. Points are awarded to carpets if the manufacturer has succeeded in using low-impact materials at every stage of their life cycle. BRE certification is stated in the individual carpet product specifications. 


Low impact on the outdoor and indoor environment with LEED
LEED certification was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, which works to promote sustainable construction worldwide. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, and the system gives architects, designers and buyers a concrete measurement of the design and product characteristics of building materials. 

The LEED system covers all stages of a building’s life cycle, from design and construction to renovation. Buildings built in accordance with LEED consume resources more effectively than other buildings and ensure a healthier indoor environment that is not significantly impacted by the building materials. LEED certification is stated in the individual carpet product specifications. 


When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
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