The story of Ege Carpets

The story of Ege Carpets
The story of Ege Carpets
Visionary philosophy

It all started in 1938

Ege Carpets was founded by Mads Eg Damgaard in 1938 in Herning, Denmark. In the years to come, the production took place in a small building with only one tufting loom. Mads Eg Damgaard was visionary.
His philosophy was uncompromising: he used only the latest and most advanced technology in carpet production and he was not afraid to challenge convention. His philosophy still survives at Ege Carpets.

The 1950's
Focus is now exclusively on carpets

The 1950's

In 1953 Ege Carpets ended the production of other textiles and decided to focus exclusively on carpets. To accommodate the increased demands on carpets, Ege Carpets invested in three Axminster carpet looms.
Ege Carpets builds a new showroom in 1957, "Det Skæve Hus" (The Crooked House), designed by Professor Gunnar Aagaard Andersen.
The 1960- and 70's
The 1960- and 70's
Ege Carpets expanding

The 1960 and 70's

Not only was Mads Eg Damgaard an active business man. In 1964 he was elected to the Danish Parliament representing the Conservative Party and returning to Ege Carpets as CEO 10 years later. Meanwhile daily management of Ege Carpets was handed over to his sons, Kaj and Egon Eg Damgaard.
In the early 1970’s a 25,000 m2 tufting factory was built in Herning, Denmark and via the investment of a Multicolour plant, the production of the commercial carpets could really expand. The carpets were a success outside Denmark and new subsidiary companies were founded in Norway and in Sweden.
In the years to come many more subsidiaries were founded all over the world.
The 1980 and 90's

The 1980 and 90's

In 1985 Ege Carpets was listed on Copenhagen Stock Exchange, during the 1980’s more subsidiary companies were located now in Germany, England and France.
Sustainable carpet production has always been a way of thinking at Ege Carpets. In 1996 we were the first carpet manufacturer in the world to be awarded the ISO 140001 Quality Management certificate. At the same time Ege Carpets achieved EMAS registration as the first and only carpet manufacturer in the world and issued its first Environmental Report.
Mads Eg Damgaard, founder of Ege Carpets died in 1999 at the age of 85
The 2000 and 2010's
The 2000 and 2010's
Fully automatic tile production

The 2000 and 2010's

Late 1990’s Ege Carpets started up the production of carpet tiles. Within a few years a fully-automatic tile production was running. Via the installation of the new 12-colour Millitron dyeing machine, Ege Carpets was ready to fulfill the increasing demand for custom-designed carpet tiles and is still in a leading position when it comes to sustainable carpet production. In 2001 yarn waste was recycled for the first time. In 2005 the method used to produce felt tile backing, named Ecotrust, was patented. Today Ege Carpets has grown into one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of textile flooring with subsidiaries all over the world.
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The 2010 and 2020's

Introducing new carpet collections in cooperation with some of the greatest designers, such as Tom Dixon and Monsieur Christian Lacroix, have become great successes.
For more than a decade, various designer friends and Ege Carpets have reaped the benefits of each other's skills. Working closely with our design team, a number of impressive carpets for prestige customers have been tailored. Digital technologies push the limits for what is real and what is not while making it possible to use materials or elements in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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The 2010 and 2020's - Being green
We have decades of experience in

Being green

Sustainability has always been part of Ege Carpets' DNA. A part we have taken for granted. But in 2019 we introduced an ambitious sustainability strategy based on the UN Sustainable Development goals.
Today more than half of our carpets are produced by regenerated and renewable material, like ECONYL® yarn, which is made of industrial waste like used fishing nets.
Within the last years we have received a number of sustainability awards for our effort to make more sustainable products by a more sustainable production.
Ege Carpets is now the no. 1 brand globally in terms of growth rate of an overall certified assortment- no other company has ever gone from a 0 to 100% Cradle to Cradle Certified™ achieved under five years
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