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Once you’ve decided to go with carpet, you still have a number of decisions you need to make, in order to find the best carpet for your project. Don't worry, we want to help you as much.

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Once the initial functional layer had been assigned, the further differentiation of flooring finishes was based on the look and feel to be achieved. This is where the variety of colours, textures and patterns come into play.
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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Frequently asked questions - FAQ
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At Ege Carpets, we’re dedicated to helping you convey your wildest ideas through carpet design, and thanks to advanced production technology, nearly anything is possible.

From your initial carpet and backing selection to your installation and maintenance plan, there are a lot of confusing tasks to consider. The decision on where to exercise your final choices comes down to the requirements and budget of the individual project.

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Video guides
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Let's guide you through the 11 most common questions when it comes to choosing the right carpet. We answer questions about delivery time, cost, wall-to-wall vs carpet tiles, printed vs pre-dyed carpets, wool vs nylon quality and much more.
Our Global Account Manager Kim Monrad answers the most frequently asked questions about carpets.
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Carpet academy
We have gathered all relevant information for you about carpet tools, tips, tricks and knowledge that’s going to make you a carpet specialist.

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