Nicolette Brunklaus

Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus has designed the unique Canvas Collage carpet collection, which reflects her love of substantial textile structure. A scrap of shabby linen, loosely woven and faded, inspired a creative process, in which Nicolette Brunklaus assembles textures, colours and memories. She deftly manipulates her own photos, which are specially selected according to the palette of colours and poetical meaning. The woven structure is the leitmotif in all variants in the Canvas Collage collection, an eclectic palimpsest of fading dahlias with a patchwork of colours and innovative forms.

About Nicolette Brunklaus
Nicolette Brunklaus, born in 1959, is a Dutch product designer whose art and designs are exhibited all over the world. Her passion for photography and love of nature are clearly visible in her designs, each of which tells its own poetic story.

Canvas Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus

New patterns, colours and design possibilities

Originally launched in 2014, Canvas Collage has developed into a bestselling collection that is styling floors and creating ambience in countless office and hospitality spaces around the world. In celebration of the 5-year anniversary, Canvas Collage has been completely refreshed and revitalised through the addition of new patterns and colour combinations.
Take me to the power of perfect combinations
Textiles deliver softness, movement, texture and of course silence. There is no noise or just a soft, pleasant sound when you touch a piece of fabric or walk on a carpet
Nicolette Brunklaus, Textile design specialist

Canvas Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus

Canvas Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus

The aesthetics of handmade tactility

Canvas Collage is designed by Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus. Her love of rich textile structures is obvious and the woven structure is applied to all variations of the collection, layered over dried dahlia flowers, in a patchwork of colours and combined with new forms.
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