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Choose the right carpet and it will perfect the design of your stores and shopping centre. We offer complete freedom of choice. You can choose any pattern and colour and design a carpet to highlight your concept and products in the best possible way.  Wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles are suitable for use in stores and shopping centres, where attractive design solutions can be applied to enhance specific zones and guide customers through the store.

High quality carpets last for years and are therefore a good investment, which gives shoppers a good impression of the store – every single day. Carpet optimises the indoor environment as it binds airborne dust particles.

A good carpet is also dirt and stain-resistant. It is easy to clean. Take good care of your carpet and it will retain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Let's show you the collections suitable for the retail sector:

Projects from all over the world

Projects from all over the world
Projects from all over the world
Retail projects

All over the world

Experience how carpets have helped create trendsetting ambiences in beautiful retail locations around the world.
We are proud to be leading the way by challenging the interior settings of the rooms that frame our lives. Our urge to explore space drives us to experiment with the fundamental perception of any room making well-known elements seem new and compelling.
Enjoy a small selection of amazing spaces where the floors are covered with rugs, broadloom, tiles or planks from Ege Carpets.
Let's go visit some of the stores
By creating various experience zones and spaces with time to evaluate and sense the products better we have created an exclusive walk-in closet feeling.
Thomas Jensen, Jensen Retail Group
- developers of Beauty by Boozt CPH store
Let's get physical with beauty by Boozt
Reference retail project

Let's get physical with beauty by Boozt

Launching the first physical Beauty by Boozt store in Denmark, a quiet coloured carpet connects diverse, rich details such as brass, glass, velour, pastels and deep shades perfectly. Softening hard surfaces, toning down shiny materials and complementing strong hues beautifully, a plain textile flooring brings an extra dimension to the interior design and makes the customer feel welcome and at home.
Let's get physical with Boozt

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Are you looking for further inspiration, please download one of our many catalogues and be inspired to create exactly the room and atmosphere you request.

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