The founder

Ege Carpets was founded by Mads Eg Damgaard in 1938 in Herning, Denmark.
Today, Ege Carpets is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of textile flooring. Our founder was a visionary entrepreneur whose philosophy was uncompromising.
Mads Eg Damgaard used only the latest and most advanced technology in carpet production and he was not afraid to challenge convention.
We are proud that the philosophy still survives at Ege Carpets, exactly as our founder would have wished.

We have decades <br>of experience in being green
We have decades
of experience in being green

Facts on
Ege Carpets

The group's primary activities are production and sales of tufted carpets for contract and domestic markets.

The carpet production takes place at:

  • Ege Carpets, Herning, Denmark: 
    Production and sale of patterned, tufted and flat-woven carpets.
  • Ege Carpets, Gram, Denmark:   
    Production of tufted and flat-woven carpets
  • Bentzon Carpets, Røjle, Denmark:
    Production of flatwoven carpets.
  • Hammer Carpets, Herning, Denmark:
    Production of colortec and graphic carpets
  • Carpet Concept, Germany:
    Production and sale of flat-woven carpets
  • Litspin, Lithuania:
    Production of wool yarns

In addition to our factories in Denmark, the Ege Carpets has subsidiaries in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Ege Carpets also has a network of agents and distributors in more than 60 countries.

Ege Carpets focuses primarily on the contract market:


In the domestic carpet market, Ege Carpets concentrates its efforts in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Our customers are primarily retail chains and independent retail stores.

The Ege Carpets sales organisation coordinates sales from the main office in Herning, Denmark and through our subsidiary companies and agents/distributors around the world.

Ege Carpets is managed by CEO Rune Stephansen.

The Board of Directors consists of:
Søren Mygind Eskildsen, managing director (Chairman)
Hans Olesen Damgaard, managing director (Deputy Chairman)
Ebbe Malte Iversen, managing director
Kaja Møller, managing director
Alexander Henkel, Customer Care (employee elected, August 2019)
Morten Due, Engineer (employee elected, August 2019)

In 2006, we started implementing the occupational health and safety management system, ISO 45001, with the objective to manage and optimise safety and health at Ege Carpets.
At Ege Carpets in Denmark, we employ 384 people, of whom 168 are monthly-paid and 216 are hourly-paid employees. The overall total is 613 employees.

Our purpose and mission
We exist to design beautiful carpets for a sustainable future by rethinking the ways of production and pioneering the art of creative design.

In general, Ege Carpets has a declared intention to maintain a high level of information. We therefore publish annual and interim financial reports. Moreover we  publish annual CSR reports, which include an environmental report and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The CSR report spans issues such as Human Rights, Sound Business Practise, Energy Projects, Consumer Issues and Production Data.

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