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Do you care about the environment and do you want your product choice to reflect your concern and responsibility? Then ReForm is the concept for you. With ReForm you get more sustainable carpets that don't compromise design – on the contrary! The concept offers a series of stunning collections to choose from that are ready for shipping from our warehouse within just 2 weeks.

Multi-level structure
Many, though not all, of the ReForm collections are characterised by a multilevel carpet structure. The surface is designed in different layers, so the appearance of the collections is defined not only by colour and form in the pattern but also by the texture of the design. The varying heights and compositions of the loop pile result in a strong visual effect and a wealth of detail that emphasise the carpet’s pattern.

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The ReForm concept in brief

  • Produced from regenerated and regenerable yarn
  • Felt backing made from regenerated water bottles
  • The front and back of the carpet tile are joined together by recycled adhesive made from broken car windows
  • Multidimensional structure with multi-height loop pile
  • Numerous standard colours to choose from
  • Great acoustic and comfort properties
  • Short delivery time of only 10-17 days

Let’s weave a greener future

Period 1 May 2022 - 30 April 2023

Regenerated and regenerable yarn

Regenerated and regenerable yarn
A sustainable world

Based on abandoned fishing nets, used carpets and industrial scraps

We want to contribute to a more sustainable world which is why we developed the concept of ReForm with collections based exclusively on recycled and recyclable yarn. The yarn is regenerated because it is based on discarded fishing nets, used carpets and other industrial nylon waste that is regenerated as durable carpet yarns. The yarn is regenerable because after use it can be broken down to its original chemical components and recycled as a new nylon product that may be new carpet yarn, fishing nets or something entirely different.
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Made from recycled plastic bottles
Ecotrust felt backing
Made from recycled plastic bottles
All ReForm carpet tiles come with our patented Ecotrust backing. Used plastic bottles are converted into a soft but durable felt that will benefit acoustics, comfort levels – and the environment! This makes ReForm carpet tiles a green choice.
Recycled adhesive from broken car windows
Sustainable adhesive
Recycled adhesive from broken car windows
The face and backings of all ReForm carpet tile collections are joined together by adhesive from car windows. In this way, we ensure full utilisation of resources and at the same time significantly reduce the CO2 footprint in production.
We walk the talk.
On recycled materials.
Our Ecotrust tile backing consists of 100% regenerated plastic bottles

Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?

Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?
Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?
What to choose

Comparison of carpet tiles vs carpets

When selecting a commercial carpet, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with wall-to-wall carpet - also known as broadloom - or whether to go with carpet tiles. There’s no right or wrong answer, but the nature of your project will determine which is the right choice for you. The majority of the ReForm collections have been developed as carpet tile collections but they are all available as either carpet tiles, planks or wall-to-wall carpets.
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The price range of the ReForm concept


The cost of a ReForm product will depend on your choice of collection, quantity and design (colours). In line with the collections’ unique multidimensional look, each collection has its own signature construction.
Meaning the heights and densities of the loop pile vary from collection to collection, thus affecting the amounts of yarn used and the price.
If you select a special colour for your ReForm carpet, a shade that is not included in the standard palette, this will entail an extra one-off expense.

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