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The rug is one of the elements in interior design that creates the greatest transformation with minimal effort and cost in every commercial space. A light, minimalist space with streamlined architecture is softened by a dramatic hue. Furniture groups are gathered into one inviting zone that creates calm and unity in the space. A bold shape or colour creates a statement on the floor.

Rugs are increasingly being used in commercial spaces like shops, offices and hotel rooms, where they create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. At the same time, a rug can be used to highlight the interior trend with any number of designs, from botanical motifs and geometry to understated tone-on-tone combinations. As with cushions and artwork rugs can be used to update the interior design using minimal resources, both financially and timewise.

Selecting your new custom area rug shape can be fun, easy and effective using a simple and practical approach. Cut big pieces of paper into the shapes you consider appropriate for your office, hospitality or private space. Arrange furniture, lamps, plants etc. on the templates, move them around… and then move them around one more time! Watch from a distance, take photos to compare your ideas and finally make your choice and enjoy.

Complete the look of your commercial rug from our choice of finishes or get inspired and design your own new custom rug for an individual and unique statement.



A commercial rug collection structured around colour

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere and sound reduction to any project, Chromatism exploits and renews the floor, a sometimes overlooked part of interior decoration. With a simple, yet very effective grip, a rug transforms your commercial space into a completely new room – easy, fast and in a very budget friendly way. You can create your custom rug by choosing construction, size, shape and finish.
Chromatism exploits the floor, check it out
Be kind to your hard surfaces with the softness and high level comfort of rugs

Any shape

Any shape
Any shape

Design your custom rug to fit your room perfectly

With our any-shape-and-any-size concept, you can design your commercial area rug to fit your room perfectly. Here’s a small selection of shapes for your inspiration.
Take a look and be inspired
Be the cradle of sustainable design
Be the cradle of sustainable design

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