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Faces and backings held together with binder made from broken car windows

A large and irreparable chip on the windscreen is annoying for everyone, and in general this kind of damage is associated with increased resource consumption and waste, as the windscreen must be replaced. It involves both the purchase (and thus production) of a new car window as well as the disposal of the broken window. However, through innovative product development, we have succeeded in replacing traditional latex glue with recycled binder made from broken car windows, thus ensuring a new use of laminate film from car windows that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. We use this more sustainable option when we attach the face of our carpet tile or plank to the backing.
Laminate from broken car windows is the main ingredient in carpet tile adhesive, but broken building glass is also used. The binder contains no hazardous chemicals and is approved as a raw material by Asthma-Allergy Denmark.

Made from recycled materials

Since the carpet tile face is created from regenerated and renewable yarn based on used carpets, old fishing nets and other industrial waste, and our patented Ecotrust backing is made from recycled plastic bottles, the recycled binder literally forms the glue of your sustainable project. This is because the ReForm carpet tile collections primarily consist of recycled materials.


Sustainable adhesive significantly reduces CO2 footprint

Sustainable adhesive significantly reduces COfootprint

Combined with traditional latex-based glue, our recycled adhesive contributes to significantly reducing the CO2 footprint. To be precise, the reduction of the CO2 footprint in production corresponds to between 22% and 38% per square metre. The analysis was carried out in accordance with Cradle to Gate and thus calculates the reduction in the process from the glue being delivered to Ege Carpets until the finished carpet tiles are shipped to you or another sustainability-conscious customer.

Think sustainable
Think sustainable

And let it reflect your actions

Our regenerated and regenerable yarns are eco-friendly alternatives for those projects characterised by thinking about people and the environment in a broader sense than just the specific working environment. Without in any way compromising design and quality, the collections are helping to take care of the land that we'll pass on to future generations. And this makes them a very specific choice that you and your customers can take to help make a difference.

Combined with our carpet tiles’ patented Ecotrust backing, made from used water bottles, you get a more sustainable floor design. In addition, this combination of carpet and backing ensures that your carpet is Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze Certified®.
This means that the carpets have been designed with a view to creating closed circuits where waste becomes resources – and that they are produced of materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment.
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