The Highline concept allows you to take advantage of the carpet’s ability to tell a very special story about your hotel, office, restaurant, educational establishment or museum.

All over the world, our customers beautifully express their company vision, brand style or interior design intentions through carefully selected designs from our high profiled Highline Designer collections or our popular Highline Express collections.

We offer a range of Highline wool constructions that vary in density and thereby plushness. No matter which one you opt for, your 100% wool carpet surface adds a multi-sensuous dimension to your interior and the comfortable underlay even impacts the room temperature to be perceived higher than it is. In addition, the soft, thick structure brings improved acoustics when effectively capturing and holding onto noise.

With four colour palettes, design options have improved significantly! Each palette introduces a remarkably increased number of accent colours, which add even more depth and texture to the carpets.

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Express Collections

Express Collections
Express Collections
Perfection through that extra little touch

Highline Express

Six collections with a range of premade designs, ready to pick, produce and use right away. The Highline Express Collections embrace more than 2,000 ready-to-produce carpet designs already available in our pattern portfolio. Easy to recolour at no extra charge, you can have a custom-made carpet 100% tailored to your taste and location.

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Recolour the designs
Wide range of colour options
Recolour the designs
Some Highline collections are available for recolouration. This gives you the ability to stick to a predefined colour code within your project and give the interior design a personlised and enhanced look.

Highline Custom Design

Highline Custom Design
Highline Custom Design
4 unique colour palettes

Full freedom of design and colours

At Ege Carpets, the sky is the limit when you want to create unique spaces for a project. Thanks to advanced production technology, you can create a unique design to suit an individual project - and meet any requirements you may have for special designs and quality. Available from 100 m2.
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We want to help you achieve the perfect result with premade designs ready to pick and easy to recolour or 100% custom design. It's up to you and our design team will guide you all the way.

The Highline qualities

The Highline concept has several tufted qualities for you to choose from – in 100% wool, wool/nylon blend or the regenerated and regenerable nylon yarn based on abandoned, used carpets fishing nets and industrial waste.

Please note that wool gives a more subdued look than nylon due to its natural cream-coloured, matt hue. The nylon alternatives, on the other hand, have a glossier, sharper design definition.

All Highline qualities have an integrated underlay and are available with different textile backings. If you choose Highline carpet tiles, they come with our patented Ecotrust backing in 100% recycled textile.

You can read more about each quality, when clicking a specific product.

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Carpet backings

We offer a wide selection of backing solutions specially developed to meet the demanding business market requirements for industry standards, comfort, acoustics, durability and minimal environmental impact.

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