Manganèse Éditions

Established in 2004, Manganèse Éditions is little sister of the internationally acclaimed design and branding agency Saguez & Partners. Based in Paris, Manganèse uses a refined, poetic and timeless approach to create the story of a place. With in-depth knowledge and research into style and colour, they design places and furnishings that are easy to live with and comfortable to use.

Nature continues to amaze us
The ReForm Transition collection was borne from a desire to bring the architecture of nature into today’s modern, professional interiors. Directly inspired by nature’s own virtuous, recycling process with seeds transforming into mature, flourishing foliage that eventually will crumble into delicate textures only to become seeds again for a new beginning. 

Colour craft

Colour craft
Reflecting the hues of nature

An extensive range of soft and faded colours

The Transition designs are available in an extensive range of soft and faded colours reflecting the hues of nature. They’ve been carefully researched, coordinated and selected in terms of the role they play in facilitating good physical and mental health. Greys and browns from the earth provide a soothing, safe and solid ambience, while greens and blues bring us new energy, creativity and optimism. All based on the expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge by Manganèse Éditions.
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Nature never has bad taste.
It is soothing and re-energising and I am obsessed with the idea of bringing nature into spaces.
Olivier Saguez

Transition Mix

Transition Mix
Transition Mix
A creative design tool

Mix tiles for a soft colour flow

Manganèse Éditions created an extraordinary and additional design dimension within the Transition collection. A tool for creating smooth, effortless colour variation across the floorspace with no abrupt breaks that allow for spatial design combinations with organic, soft movement.
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Crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn

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