Recolour your favourite design

Thanks to our advanced production technologies, it’s easy and quick to recolour premade designs from our Highline Express, Colortec and Graphic collections at no extra charge. Pick any design and select your colours from 1 of our 4 Highline colour palettes. Choose up to 6 colours for Colortec designs and up to 4 colours for Graphic designs from our exquisite and large selection of shades. This flexibility enables you to make your carpet match your company vision perfectly while taking your brand communication to the next level.

How to recolour, visualise & download

How to recolour, visualise & download
Select your own colours online

Recolour, visualise and download your own design

Our recolour tool is developed to make it easy for you to select your favourite colours and see the recoloured, true to life design right away. Follow this video guide to learn how to recolour, visualise and download your personalised design files.

See the video guide!

You’ll be amazed how easy it is

You’ll be amazed how easy it is
You’ll be amazed how easy it is
Perfect for your presentation

Download free files

For your client pitch or further work in other programmes, for instance pCon.planner, you can download free digital files including realistic in-room 3D visualisations and pattern repeats.

The Rug Creator

Design your own rugs

Our Rug Creator offers you easy access to a comprehensive overview of all your options. You can explore various collections, customise colours, shapes, edgings, design and visualise rugs in several settings even on different flooring materials.
With our "any size any shape" concept, you have the freedom to design rugs that perfectly suit your project.
Try the Rug Creator
Powerful stories told by rugs
Book of Rugs
Powerful stories told by rugs
Colours, colours, colours…
Explore your recolour options
Colours, colours, colours…
With our Highline Express, Colortec and Graphic concepts, the recolour potential is enormous! Explore how various colour combinations create quite different design expressions – what’s your favourite?
Sample service
Sample service
No matter the level of complexity, we can visualise your design ideas through samples in real carpet material. It allows you to feel the exquisite yarn, evaluate the pattern details and the impressive colour combinations.

Carpet Colours

Start your journey by colours

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