BOX is an exhibition space at LYNfabrikken in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. Ege Carpets is a long-term sponsor of BOX, which is one of Denmark's leading communities of creative entrepreneurs in the fields of design, architecture and communication. The BOX concept produces small solo exhibitions by designers from all corners of the globe. BOX is an enclosed exhibition space - a window display of a more conceptual nature, in which the designer is given free rein to install a piece – but which must always include a one-of-a-kind carpet. Among the designers who have exhibited at LYNfabrikken are architect Luis Urculo, graphic designer Emil Kozak and architectural artist Theresa Himmer.

About LYNfabrikken
LYNfabrikken was founded in 2002 by ceramicist Louise Gaarmann, graphic designer Jeppe Vedel and aestheticist Lasse Schuleit. The trio share a passion for design and people, and forging links between them. LYNfabrikken exhibits works by Danish and international designers in the tension field between design, architecture and art & crafts.

BOX projects

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