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Are you looking for an extremely durable carpet? And are you quite happy with a smaller number of standard colours to choose from? Then the Una concept can offer many of the benefits of the Epoca concept - at a lower price! Una is made of pre-coloured yarns, reducing both the price and the selection range. The Una concept will satisfy any design-critical eye with minimalist collections where innovative structure defines the appearance.

High quality carpets in varied structures The Una collections can be divided into two groups. The first group encompasses the flat-woven collections, where the structure and sense of fine craftsmanship define the design. The second group consists of more traditional looped products whose tight, understated structure (enlivened, perhaps, with an elegant pinstripe) makes all the difference.

Great value for money - fewer colours to choose from
Established as an affordable alternative to Epoca, Una carpets are based on pre-coloured yarns, meaning this concept has fewer standard colours to choose from. That is why classic and neutrals such as beiges, browns, greys and blacks feature so heavily in this concept’s collections, but some more seasonal shades can also be found in some of the collections. It is not possible to order custom colours for this concept.

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High durability
Endure major challenges
High durability
All of the Una collections are approved for offices, corridors and other high traffic areas. Office chair castors, heavy furniture and ceaseless foot traffic are welcome challenges for the Una collections, which respond to this endurance challenge.

The Una concept in brief

  • Minimalist and Scandinavian design
  • Great durability
  • Great value for money – an affordable alternative to Epoca
  • Short delivery time (in stock)
Una carpets are good value, well-crafted collections for long durability in a few, carefully selected colour tones to fit most interiors of today and tomorrow.

Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?

Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?
Wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles?
What to choose

Comparison of carpet tiles vs carpets

When selecting a commercial carpet, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with wall-to-wall carpet - also known as broadloom - or whether to go with carpet tiles. There’s no right or wrong answer, but the nature of your project will determine which is the right choice for you. Una consists of collections with both carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets. The extreme durability of the concept appeals to the office segment in particular, but their design is suitable for virtually any room with a minimalist, Scandinavian style.
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The price range of the Una concept


The price range within the Una concept is based largely on the amount of yarn used and production process for each type. In a comparison between the concept’s collections, the flat woven collections are the most expensive. Even though yarn usage is not particularly high, the advanced weaving techniques result in a higher price than the classic Una structures with closed loops.

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