Ethics as a business parameter

Ethics as a business parameter
The UN Sustainable Development Goals

High ethical standards, guided by the UN

We set the bar high – including when it comes to responsible business conduct. With the United Nations guidelines as our compass, we place great demands on ourselves because we know that this delivers the best results.
We joined the UN Global Compact in 2010 because we take our social responsibility seriously and we require that our suppliers also conduct themselves responsibly. Therefore, we've also directly implemented the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our business strategy.

More about the UN SDG's in our strategy

The UN's guidelines

The UN's guidelines
Human Rights

Respect for people comes first

We have a great responsibility as a company to respect the human rights of our employees.
But we also want to ensure that our suppliers treat their employees respectfully. Therefore, we have implemented the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in our supplier requirements. These requirements include equal pay, working hour rules and the freedom to choose trade unions, as well as prohibitions on discrimination, child labour and forced labour.
Read more below in our ESG policy, where we address our human rights policy.
ESG policy

Anti-slavery & Human trafficking

Anti-slavery & Human trafficking
Honest and ethical basis

Human rights

Our objective is to run every aspect of our carpet manufacturing business on an honest and ethical basis. This means that we will ensure good employment conditions and labour practices internally in our organization as well as externally in our supply chain. In order to secure this, we have implemented a lot of activities in the organization and supply chain.

Read more below about our human rights efforts in our Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

A good working environment

A good work life depends on a good working environment. Therefore, we're committed to safety, well-being and acceptance of diversity in our company. We offer many voluntary programmes for employees to help improve their health, including exercise during breaks, physiotherapy and health insurance. We also strive to accommodate employees throughout their working lives, and every year we celebrate many 25-, 30-, and 40-year anniversaries in the company.

We help people with special needs: Ege Go2work
We have a unique production line for employees who are physically or mentally challenged. All staff here are employed on special conditions adapted to their given situation.
The employees are referred to the company through an employment programme for special needs employees and from the municipality’s job centre. Through simple tasks, these employees ensure the recycling of large volumes of scrap yarn and used cardboard spools that were previously incinerated.
This is good for the environment, while also improving the skills, quality of life and independence of these employees.

Whistleblower scheme provides security
Even companies with the best of intentions can fail. When that happens, it's important to have a system that ensures that we can repair the damage. That's why we have established a whistleblower scheme that anyone associated with Ege Carpets can use. Do you suspect that something illegal is going on, or do you experience other serious conditions. feel free to report it here.
The scheme is established in accordance with the law on the protection of whistleblowers.


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