Tom Dixon

When Tom Dixon and Ege Carpets first collaborated together, the outcome was a never seen before installation featuring a carpeted ceiling tinged with a watercolour inspired motif at the Greenwich restaurant and cocktail bar Craft London.  

Following this innovative project, Tom was keen to exploit Ege Carpets’ endless design opportunities further, leading to the London inspired designer collection Industrial Landscape.

About Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon (OBE). Born 1959. Self-taught British Designer. Creative Director of the design brand “Tom Dixon” and Design Research Studio that specialises in high-end concept interiors, large scale installations and architectural design. Museums across the globe have awarded and acquired some of his work, including MoMA, NYC and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, he is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage to create extraordinary products for everyday use.
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Carpet is really the base of the whole space. It acts as the first building block of a room. It is not just a colour vehicle, it is a sound deadening vehicle, a comfort vehicle as well. It softens a space immensely
Tom Dixon, Creative Director

Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon

Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon
Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon
Collection - Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon

London – an eternal source of inspiration

Industrial Landscape mirrors the original London with all the raw, sometimes even rough, elements making up the city. Aged and patinated by the passage of time, through which the weather, people and industry have left their marks on the materials and thereby created a continuous development of new expressions. This is the essence of Industrial Landscape.
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