The Graphic Concept

The word graphic is used to mean clear and vivid detail and this aspirational collection of petite patterns is eye-catchingly attention-grabbing. Patterns help to create a visual rhythm that promotes harmony within our surroundings, and the soft-underfoot Graphic Concept is perfect for making that all important sensorial design statement.

Because our yarn is pre-dyed, you can choose any colour imaginable and one yarn in one colour means optimal design definition, with up to four colours in any single design. Graphic is the perfect concept for smaller repeat patterns. You can create the design yourself or work with our incredible team of expert in-house designers who are more than happy to help.

If you need speedy delivery close to project deadline, go to our Graphic stock collection of designs in selected colourways.

Our standard widths are 400 and 500 cm. However, we offer bespoke narrower widths in order to minimise waste and optimise installation.

Graphic is Cradle to Cradle Certified ® Bronze and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified.

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For comfort and better acoustics

For comfort and better acoustics
For comfort and better acoustics
For comfort and better acoustics

Carpet backing

Our outstanding laminated backings are available in Textile and Felt with both options providing enhanced comfort and improved acoustics while guaranteeing the carpet is adequately supported.
The more traditional textile backing can be used with separate underlay and grippers, while the lightweight and flexible integrated felt backing is a more sustainable option, containing 80% regenerated polyester that allows for more speedy fitting.
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Design support

Design support
Design support
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Visualisation and samples

Our in-house team of experienced designers is on hand and happy to help translate your vision onto your floorspace. We are there to help you make the final design decision based on design files and physical carpet samples where you can feel the quality and evaluate the pattern details.
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Infinite colour palette
For every little detail
Infinite colour palette
Whatever your colour inspiration, we can match the shade perfectly with our pre-dyed yarn. Coupled with the capability of including up to four colours in a single design, you’re guaranteed a creative expression, anything from vivid to tonal.
Miniature patterned or plain carpets crafted from the finest wool-nylon blends for a soft and luxurious feel in any hotel or cruise ship

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