The Wool Concept

100% wool carpet combines luxurious comfort and superior aesthetics into an experience crafted to pamper all senses in your high-end hotel or cruise ship project. Featuring extreme colour saturation, pre-dyed wool excels in adding depth and contrast to any premium floor design and with our wool concept, your colour choice is completely free and unlimited. In addition, your pattern options are limitless too!

Choose from four premium wool constructions all holding a heavy commercial wear rating and benefit from their individual capabilities when it comes to the beautiful textural effects, that make our wool carpet truly stand out.

All our carpets are Cradle to Cradle Certified® and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified, so you are guaranteed a top performing flooring choice when it comes to protecting people and the planet.


Infinite colour palette
You have all options at hand
Infinite colour palette
Whatever your colour inspiration, we can match the shade perfectly with our pre-dyed yarn. Coupled with the capability of including different colours in a single design, you’re guaranteed a creative expression that delivers on your vision.
Tell a visual story

Signature design capability

Using special colours or other signature elements from your brand identity, you can tell a visual story using your own creative ideas.

Whatever you decide, we work collaboratively to ensure the tailored design fulfils your requirements, from quality, pattern, and colour to our proactive and hands on approach to project management and support.
Using the finest pre-dyed wool qualities, we proudly craft carpets with a clearly defined expression

Minimise waste and pre-cut to size

Minimise waste and pre-cut to size
Minimise waste and pre-cut to size
Adapted widths save time and money

Reducing waste and minimising cost

Unlike many other types of wall-to-wall carpets, we’re able to adjust the production width, thereby reducing waste and minimising cost and installation time. We offer two standard widths of 400 and 500 cm, but any widths from 300 cm are possible to match the actual room size as closely as possible.

Pre-cut to size
Make the most of our pre-cut service where we cut your carpet to size before shipment. An ideal option for rooms and corridors in cruise ships and hotels that will reduce your installation time significantly. Also skirtings can be done before shipment and rolled separately to make handling on site much easier.

For comfort and better acoustics

For comfort and better acoustics
For comfort and better acoustics
For comfort and better acoustics

Easy installation with low weight backing

Our outstanding laminated backings are available in Textile and Felt, with both options providing enhanced comfort and improved acoustics while guaranteeing the carpet is adequately supported.
Our lamination process reduces the total weight of the carpet as the raw carpet and backing are fixed by a thin lamination layer. No fillers or glue are used making the carpet very dimension stable and easy to fit.
The more traditional textile backing can be used with separate underlay and grippers or double stick, while the lightweight and flexible integrated felt backing is a more sustainable option, containing 80% regenerated polyester that allows for more speedy fitting (direct stick).
Read more about our backings


Making it easy for you to decide

Visualise your ideas

Visualisation through realistic carpet samples and large-scale paper prints eases your decision-making process. A small prototype in real materials allows you to feel the exquisite yarn, evaluate the pattern details and sense the impressive colour combinations. In addition, a large paper print is supplied to visualise the pattern scale.
Try our recolour tool and order samples of your designs
Floor and fitting plans
Fit Easy
Floor and fitting plans
To illustrate your design and colour combination in an interior, we can supply you with a 2D or 3D illustration to give you a view of the interior ambience. When the order is delivered, you will receive a fitting plan to ensure perfect installation.

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