Wall-to-wall carpets

For projects with big design ambitions or large floor surfaces, a wall-to-wall carpet can be the ideal choice.
When the surface appears as one large pattern without physical joins and breaks in the design, a very special look is achieved with the carpet as the fundamental element connecting the room’s interior design elements.

You can choose between a variety of different carpet qualities, which differ in fibre type, construction and price. In addition there are also a number of backing options with a variety of qualities in terms of materials, acoustics, comfort and price. This means that the wall-to-wall carpet’s physical components can be combined to meet the needs of any project.

Wall-to-wall carpet design is paramount to the room’s atmosphere, as the specific pattern and colour choices amplify or downplay the visual effect. Take a closer look at the many possibilities.

Wall-to-wall carpet collections
For projects with big design ambitions
When the surface appears as one large pattern without physical joins and breaks in the design, a very special look is achieved. Choose between several inspiring collections.
We chose the Ege Carpet material because of the high quality, wear resistance and the company’s aim and efforts to minimise the environmental impact caused by the carpet production
Marcel van der Veer, architect at Mars Interieurarchitecten

Why choose wall-to-wall carpets?

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About wall-to-wall carpets

As a designer or architect, you know your choice in flooring is an important one. There are countless resources chronicling the importance of paint choice and lighting—of course, these are important choices too—but perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is your flooring.

With wall-to-wall carpets, you won’t go wrong. The advantages of carpets are many. For one, wall-to-wall carpets offer many practical benefits, such as superior comfort, attractive acoustic and thermal qualities as well as greater safety compared to hard surface alternatives.
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