Education carpets

Why not use carpet to help create a good learning environment which meets all the design requirements an educational institution could possibly have?

Choose from an unlimited palette of colours, patterns and structures. Pander to personal preference. Go for a carpet solution which offers optimal acoustics, often a difficult matter in the educational context.

Carpet optimises the indoor environment as it binds airborne dust particles. And of course our carpets meet all fire prevention requirements.

Let's show you the collections suitable for the education sector:

Projects from all over the world

Projects from all over the world
Projects from all over the world
Education projects

All over the world

Experience how carpets have helped create trendsetting ambiences in beautiful educational locations around the world.
We are proud to be leading the way by challenging the interior settings of the rooms that frame our lives. Our urge to explore space drives us to experiment with the fundamental perception of any room making well-known elements seem new and compelling.
Enjoy a small selection of amazing spaces where the floors are covered with rugs, broadloom, tiles or planks from Ege Carpets.
Let's go to school, show me educational projects
We installed the carpet first and the desired effect was impressive. Acoustics improved dramatically!
Peter Schjøtt Andersen, Architect for University of Copenhagen

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Carpets suitable for educational projects

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