How to work with colours

How to work with colours

Infinite opportunities

We give you infinite opportunities to work with colours. If you create a custom designed pattern, you can bring it to life with your own unique combination of colours from our comprehensive colour palettes.
If you fall for a pattern from our diverse Highline Express concept, you can use the recolouring tool to make it your very own by combining precisely the tones that match your interior project. Our pre-dyed Colortec yarns are available in every possible shade. We also offer our flat-woven Eco collections in 56 ever-relevant colours developed by textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard.

Poetry in the floorscape

Poetry in the floorscape
Poetry in the floorscape
Can you see the floor's potential?

Let the colours set the mood

The colours of the walls are important for the energy in your room, but the floor colours also play a big role. A grey carpet discreetly underpins any wall colour, but why not use the floor’s full potential by letting the carpet occupy the space on its own terms? A colour is not just the combination of the pigments seen by the eye. In the course of the day a colour will change character as different light sources of varying strength cast fleeting shadows on the large, unbroken surface. You may already have discovered that light moves more softly across the floor than on the wall, where the light meets the colours more directly? The carpet’s tones are also part of nuanced interaction with the other colours of your interior, and it's all these interactions that define the room. We therefore recommend that you use carpet samples in the development of your interior design.
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"Colours for the floor must offer a degree of stability in the room because it’s where we set our feet and you have to trust them and feel secure when you enter the room."
Margrethe Odgaard, textile designer and colour alchemist
Recolour and visualise
Infinite colour options
Recolour and visualise
We have made it easy and completely free for you to recolour the patterns from Highline Express, Colortec and Graphic to make your carpet the perfect visual communicator.
Do you make use of what colours have to offer?

56 colours by Margrethe Odgaard

Searching for industry’s poetry and humanity, textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard explores the interaction between colours, materials, light and space. Margrethe Odgaard focuses on the colours’ competences and has developed 56 ever-relevant colours for the floorscape. The palette mainly comprises social colours that complement and lift each other, but also includes individual diva colours that stand out and add vibrant dynamics. This enables the creation of infinite combinations in which the colours react very differently to each other – on the floor and also in relation to the other materials used in modern architecture.
Margrethe Odgaard’s 56 colours

Carpet Colours

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