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To stay on top of future trends and perfect our carpet assortment to fit any of your requirements, we master different production technologies. Each of them holds several unique options and advantages when it comes to the appearance of your carpet, including colours.

While our Highline designs come to life through 1 of 4 predefined colour palettes that combine several solid base colours and accent colours, our Colortec and Graphic collections offer an exquisite selection of 140 different Chromatone colours. Choose your own combination including up to 6 colours for Colortec designs and up to 4 colours for Graphic designs.

4 Highline colour palettes
An endless number of shades
4 Highline colour palettes
Our Highline colour palettes featuring 12 solid base colours and 65 accent colours create highly detailed graduations and tone-on-tone combinations.
Colortec & Graphic colours
Rich colouration in pre-dyed yarn
Colortec & Graphic colours
With a selection of 140 different colours for our Colortec and Graphic designs, you can create the perfect combination for the details of your pattern to truly stand out.
56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard
Inspired by the beauty of minerals
56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard
Textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard has developed a palette of social colours, that complement and lift each other, as well as individual diva colours that stand out and add vibrant dynamics.


No extra cost

Recolour a standard design

Recolouration at no extra cost makes it easier to create the perfect carpet design from our wide selection of Highline Express collections. Because of our Highline colour technique, the level of detail is extremely high and since each of our 4 colour palettes features 12 solid base colours and 65 accent colours, never seen before graduations and tone-on-tone combinations add depth and texture to your carpet. Accent colours are suitable for areas that are smaller than 50x50 cm.

When it comes to the Colortec 80/20 and Graphic 80/20 designs, the pre-dyed yarn has an outstanding ability to create richly coloured and sharply defined patterns. You can choose between 140 Chromatone colours when combining up to 6 colours for Colortec designs and up to 4 colours for Graphic designs.
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