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Our Rug Creator offers you easy access to a comprehensive overview of all your options. You can explore various collections, customise colours, shapes, edgings, design and visualise rugs in several settings even on different flooring materials.
With our "any size any shape" concept, you have the freedom to design rugs that perfectly suit your project.
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Highline constructions
Highline constructions
Highline Wool

New 100% wool

Choose from premium wool constructions:
Highline wool is your preferred choice when looking for luxurious yet extremely durable 100% wool carpet featuring the highest level of pattern and colour detail. Made from extra-durable New Zealand fibres, all Highline wool constructions are heavy commercial wear rated.
Going all in on personal style and visual ambitions, you can also design your Highline wool carpet from scratch and create a never-seen-before design. Our innovative dyeing technology enables sharply defined and extremely detailed patterns and colour combinations as well as fluent colour transitions to arise on the carpets surface.
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When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
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