We believe that every carpet is an opportunity to improve the sustainability of our environment and the wellbeing for people
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Challenging the interior settings

Experience how carpets have helped create trendsetting ambiences in beautiful locations around the world; from hotels, offices, stores and public spaces to amazing art & design collaborations.
We are proud to be leading the way by challenging the interior settings of the rooms that frame our lives. Our urge to explore space drives us to experiment with the fundamental perception of any room making well-known elements seem new and compelling.
Enjoy a small selection of amazing spaces where the floors are covered with rugs, broadloom, tiles or planks from Ege Carpets.
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Travel and hospitality trends 2020

Globalisation and affordable travel mean that more people than ever can be tourists and business travelers. To meet the needs and wants of future customers, travel and hospitality brands must be aware of the ongoing shift towards a perception that less is more, when it comes to modern luxury.
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