Carpet tiles and planks for <br>commercial use

Carpet tiles and planks for
commercial use

Carpet tiles and planks

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Carpet tiles and planks for commercial use

Good quality carpet tiles offer so much more than practical advantages in commercial projects. With our design flexibility, you have a powerful visual toolbox for experimenting with your next floor design.

There’s a wide range of standard colours to choose from in most of our carpet collections, but some designs allow you to choose your own colours. You can even mix different carpet tile collections within a single scheme, allowing you to experiment with spatial design in terms of wayfinding, activity or quiet zones and meeting points. Start exploring our wide colour pallette by looking at classical colours like grey, black or green and afterwards broaden your search and combine with other colours. Our in-house team of expert designers will be delighted to help you with your perfect design combination.

Ege Carpets commercial carpet tiles and planks are especially suitable for contemporary office environments as they provide flexibility, high comfort and aesthetics. Practically, technicians can easily access underfloor cables, which is especially helpful in spaces that are subject to changed layout or use. 

The carpet tiles, available as carpet squares and planks, are also easy to use, fit and replace as they weigh less than conventional carpet tiles. Our lightweight tiles and planks make life easier for the fitter, not having to lift heavy rolls of carpet, while still being easy to work with due to our stable textile backing.

Tiles and planks come in 3 sizes: 48x48 cm, 96x96 cm and 24x96 cm. Applying the same geometric scale, it gives you the power to mix different sizes for a unique floor design. Some of our collections are also available in our Figura concept range.

Carpet tile and plank designs that you can easily recolour

Carpet tile and plank designs that you can easily recolour
Carpet tile and plank designs that you can easily recolour
Highline Express Tile collection

A powerful design tool

A completely revolutionised concept for carpet tiles and planks, the Highline Express Tile Collection makes it very easy and inspiring to select predesigned patterns that can be recoloured at no extra charge. The carpet designs can be applied to square tiles 48x48 cm or 96x96 cm or rectangular planks 24x96 cm. You can mix the sizes as they are in the same geometric scale and even choose from six different qualities providing you with the ultimate flexibility in your next commercial floor design.
So take a step onto soft and soothing floor designs with subtle, but interesting and refined expressions. Beautiful and timeless textures, gradients and melanges that are easy to love and will last forever.
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Try our new Tile Creator tool, you’ll be amazed how easy it is!

Try our new Tile Creator tool, you’ll be amazed how easy it is!
Try our new Tile Creator tool, you’ll be amazed how easy it is!
Your user-friendly floor design tool

Tile Creator

When you try our new Tile Creator tool you can create your very own true to life visualisations that enable you to visualise your favourite carpet tiles while experimenting with colour flows or creating pathways, workspaces or communal zoning. This incredible new tool also allows you to download your completed work as free digital files.
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Head turning floors with innovative shapes
Experiment with your own combinations
Head turning floors with innovative shapes
Our Figura carpet concept allows you to push conventional flooring design in a completely new direction. Shape, material and colour are entirely in your hands to tailor to your flooring requirements, creating unique design experience by using new effects

Carpet tiles colours

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