The Epoca concept

Do you need a highly durable carpet? And do you love a minimalist look, where yarn, carpet structure and colour choice define your floor design? Then take a closer look at these Epoca collections, our homage to the Scandinavian design tradition. The appearance of the Epoca concept collections is understated and delightful and the difference is in the details.

High quality carpets in varied expressions
The Epoca concept encompasses constructions with widely differing structures. For example, you will find longhaired collections whose luxurious and lightly glossy look is perfectly suited to a hotel lobby or rooms that should be pampered with a plush wow factor.

There are also a number of flat woven Epoca collections, where the structure of the weave gives the individual collection a unique identity. The delicate subtleties of the flat woven collections give a distinct touch of “craftsmanship”, and of all our product range, Epocas are characterised as the most durable product group. Even under constant and heavy stresses from furniture and feet, Epocas maintain their appearance for many years.

Finally, the Epoca concept also includes some truly minimalist loop products, i.e. carpets with closed loops in various sizes: they are ideal for use in offices, corridors and other heavy traffic areas.

Large selection of colours
All collections in the Epoca concept are available in no less than 32 standard colours, another great advantage of this concept. The diverse colour palette combines classic beige, brown, grey and black tones with a host of strong and sprayed on-trend colours. Plenty to satisfy the colour dreams of any architect or interior designer. If not, when you order a minimum of 200 m2 carpet, you can request to have the Epoca collections produced in a custom colour of your choice. This option to produce your carpet in a custom colour does not exist for the ReForm and Una concepts. If you choose a custom colour, you should allow for a one-off added cost associated with the conversion of our production equipment.

Very durable
All the Epoca collections are very suitable for office environments, corridors and other areas with constant stresses from castor chairs and the movement of heavy conference and office furniture. Added to which are the affects of footwear and the grit and dirt they carry in from outdoors.

Explore the Epoca Collections

High durability
The ability to withstand wear
High durability
Despite the great performance of the flat woven collections in terms of durability, the other Epoca collections also qualify for top-notch status for their ability to withstand wear.
The price range of the Epoca concept


The price range of the Epoca concept is based largely on the amount of yarn used and production process for each type. The plush and longhaired collections are therefore the most expensive because of the large amount of yarn in their structures. Within this concept, the flat-woven collections are priced around mid-range, despite the fact that yarn usage is not very great. However, the advanced weaving techniques do bump the price up a little. The most affordable Epoca collections are the classic tufted collections.

You get what you pay for and while the Epoca collections may be relatively more expensive than many other carpets, you will have a distinctive, classic carpet that is easy to maintain and will stay beautiful for many years.

The Epoca concept in brief

  • Scandinavian design with distinctive and refined structures
  • Large selection of standard colours and special colours for minimum orders of just 200 m2
  • Very durable
  • Short delivery time of only 10-17 days
Epoca is your answer when you are looking for superior quality in beautiful textures with lots of colours to choose from.

Carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpets?

Carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpets?
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Comparison of carpet tiles vs carpets

When choosing between carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets, the need to access cables etc. in the underlying floor plays a big role. For high rise offices there are also some fundamental practical reasons that make the delivery and installation of large carpet rolls a challenge. For projects with high design ambitions or for large spaces, wall to wall carpets more than make up for their shortcomings.
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