Sustainable carpet yarns from industrial waste

Are you aware of the environmental impact of your products? Do you want to reflect your thoughtfulness in your product choices? Or is it simply a requirement from your customers that your product suggestions take the utmost consideration of the world around us and the people who live in it? Then you're well on your way to making a carpet choice that puts action behind your own and your customers’ eco-friendly intentions.

We give you the opportunity to choose from a number of collections with a variety of sustainable properties. In other words, virtually the entire carpet palette is available to you and with us you can choose between standard and custom designs, as well as carpets in tile form and wall-to-wall.
In addition, there's a wide variety of different constructions, in which an innovative and multidimensional pile, for example, defines the extraordinary look of the carpet.

From nylon waste to carpet yarns

Process behind regenerated and regenerable yarn

Fishing nets - Industrial scraps - Used carpets - Nylon chips - Yarns - Carpeting

Many of our collections are made from regenerated and regenerable yarn. The fact that the yarn is regenerated simply means that it's manufactured from waste products in a particular type of nylon (Nylon 6). That the yarn is regenerable means that after use it can be converted into new nylon products. This allows the regenerated yarn to be incorporated into a closed-loop system in which it can be converted again and again into new yarn.

The yarn manufacturers specialise in collecting used nylon products which:

  • have reached the end of their product life (example: used carpeting)
  • have been left in the wild or industrial areas (example: discarded fishing nets left behind in the oceans)
  • are residual products from the manufacturing of other products (example: textile waste products from clothing manufacturing)

All three examples involve a refining process. For the used carpets, the carpet fibres are cut away from the backing. The used fishing nets are cleaned and cut into smaller pieces, and the textile waste products are also cut into small pieces.

Next, they enter the same refining process where they break down into their original chemical formula in the form of nylon chips. They are then included as raw materials in the manufacturing of new Nylon 6 nylon products – including carpet yarn.


Think sustainable
Think sustainable

And let it reflect your actions

Our regenerated and regenerable yarns are eco-friendly alternatives for those projects characterised by thinking about people and the environment in a broader sense than just the specific working environment. Without in any way compromising design and quality, the collections are helping to take care of the land that we'll pass on to future generations. And this makes them a very specific choice that you and your customers can take to help make a difference.

Combined with our carpet tiles’ patented Ecotrust backing, made from used water bottles, you get a more sustainable floor design. In addition, this combination of carpet and backing ensures that your carpet is Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze Certified®.
This means that the carpets have been designed with a view to creating closed circuits where waste becomes resources – and that they are produced of materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment.
Explore the ReForm collections

Large selection of collections

You will find the regenerated and regenerable yarns in the majority of our collections. Regenerated yarns are found in all our ReForm collections and the flat-woven Rawline Scala collection. Also the Highline concept’s preferred quality; Highline 1100, which is a popular choice for designer collections such as Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon and Atelier by Monsieur Christian Lacroix. And the most budget-friendly Highline quality; Highline Carré, is also crafted from the sustainable regenerated yarns.

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