Shadows are complex
tell stories

Our attention is caught by the light but shadows have more to say. Since classical times, artists have understood their value. They’re mysterious, feed the imagination and add drama. Shadows are complex and tell stories about objects out of view. They can reveal the invisible.
In this Shadowplay collection, the multi-level loop construction creates a sculptural texture influenced by the distorted shade and light. Two co-ordinating patterns, Umbra and Obscura, can be used alone or together to compose layered shadows which dance across the floor. Tone on tone neutrals are complimented by haloes of colour which trace abstract shape and fade quietly away

The collection is a great visual toolbox where you can achieve very different looks depending on the sizes and shapes you choose. 
Shadowplay comes in a wide palette of contemporary colours from subtle tone-on-tone shades to more rich tones carefully coordinated for perfect combinations. It allows different spatial options that help define areas such as meeting points and quiet or communal zones, as well as catering to social distancing requirements and wayfinding. 


The collection is made from eco-responsible materials and bearing the Cradle to Cradle and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certifications, it’s a truly green choice for any flooring project with great design ambitions. The front and back of the carpet tile are joined together by recycled adhesive made from broken car windows.
ReForm Shadowplay is also available as planks, wall-to-wall carpet and the innovative Figura shapes. Designed by Carol Appleton who’s also the talent behind ReForm Memory Tiles, ReForm Mark of Time Tiles and ReForm Artworks Tiles.

  • Designs/colours:
    2 designs in each 15 colours
  • Qualities:
    1 quality
  • Available in:
    Tiles and planks
  • Recolour options:
  • Minimum orders:
    48x48 cm = No minimum order requirements
    96x96 cm and planks = 40 m2
    24x96 cm = 40 m2
    Figura = 40 m2
  • Performance areas:
    EN1307 standard/Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy usage
  • Certification:
    Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze
    Indoor Air Comfort Gold
  • Recycled content:
  • Ready for dispatch:
    Within 2-3 weeks from receipt of order
  • Sample service:
    Within 2-4 days delivery


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