Weaving trash

One person’s trash is another person’s carpet
Industrial waste is often a threat to the environment. We want to give our customers the opportunity to choose carpets that are produced in an eco-friendly way. With Ege Carpets, you can select from a wide range of collections featuring regenerated and regenerable yarn made from discarded fishing nets, industrial waste and old carpets.

Carpet backings from recycled plastic bottles
Plastic waste is one of the world’s major environmental challenges as plastic degrades very slowly. To us, however, plastic waste is an important resource. We make our Ecotrust backings from recycled plastic bottles, which feature in all our carpet tiles and selected wall-to-wall carpets. Through an innovative manufacturing technique, the plastic bottles are converted into soft fibres and included in our patented PET felt backings.

 In 2030: From old yarn to new
In 2030: From old yarn to new
100% of our carpets to be produced from yarn based on recycled or renewable raw materials, in total 75% of the raw materials must come from recycled or renewable sources

One man's trash is another man's carpet

Where others see waste,
we see potential for new beauty

Yarn that can be used again and again

Many of our collections are available with regenerated and regenerable yarn. This means they're both manufactured from waste and can be converted into yarn after they reach the end of their product life. This way we can keep the yarn in a closed-loop system, where it can be used again and again.
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