Decades of sustainability
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Recognised by EcoVadis with a top 1% ranking
Our sustainability excellence has been recognised with the highest score in its class by EcoVadis, the world’s leading sustainability rating agency. The top 1% Platinum ranking recognises Ege Carpets as one of the most advanced companies in terms of CSR practices across the four themes: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Highly focused on large-scale biodiversity
Loss of biodiversity is an area of great concern and increasing attention. At Ege Carpets, we’ve incorporated biodiversity into our company focus. In the area near our buildings in Herning, Denmark, we’ve launched a large-scale project covering more than 90 acres to increase biodiversity over time together with the Danish Nature Fund and Herning Municipality.

Walking the talk since 1996
At Ege Carpets, we’ve been dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility since 1996. Not because laws and regulations have forced us to do so, but because we believe it’s the right and responsible thing to do. Our efforts and commitment to sustainable business development cover an extensive and constantly evolving list of big and small initiatives.

Continuously improving our CSR initiatives
Continuously improving our CSR initiatives
Our CSR initiatives must ensure that our business model, production processes and products help create a more sustainable and safe society, protect humans and nature and avoid loss of biodiversity.

We believe you can only take responsibility if you take action
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Our climate compensation is verified each year

Whenever our customers choose to plant mangrove trees to climate-compensate, they receive a certificate for the amount of CO2 that's compensated. This can be tracked through the VERRA registry with its unique serial number and is verified each year with climate credits in line with the VERRA Verified Carbon Standard.
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