Bringing sustainability
the full carpet life cycle

The beauty of a never-ending story
The biggest issue in the carpet industry is waste and this challenge has two main issues: there’s no overall return system for carpets and there’s a lack of technological solutions to separate and recycle used carpets. We work together with partners to find solutions to these issues.

Ege CircleBack is a step forward
Ege Carpets have launched a take-back system in a step towards solving the carpet waste issue. The system ensures used carpets go to our recycling partners who separate and recycle up to 98-100% of the carpet components.

recycled, reused or composted
All our waste is
recycled, reused or composted
All carpets from Ege Carpets can be recycled through our take-back system, Ege CircleBack

Designed to be taken apart and recycled
Today, our carpets are highly complex products with more than 200 constituent substances glued together. We invest in the development of new products and techniques which ensures that the carpets are easier to separate and can be reused, recycled or composted.

Recycling all that’s recyclable
We’re recycling tonnes of yarn, cardboard cones, carpet offcuts, packaging and pallets to make sure as much as possible is reused and as little as possible is wasted.

It’s time to end the idea of single-use
When sustainability meets design
Think sustainable

When sustainability meets design

Our ReForm concept gives you more sustainable carpets without compromising on design. It offers a number of stunning collections, many with a multi-level structure that provides a beautiful and defining texture. All produced in regenerated and regenerable yarn and felt backing made from regenerated water bottles.
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