Backings made from recycled plastic bottles

Some regard used plastic bottles as waste with no value. Others see them as “the source” of a vital resource that ensures survival and daily well-being. We take it a step further and regard used plastic bottles as a key ingredient in the manufacturing of our products. The plastic bottles are an important substance in our patented Ecotrust felt backing, with which all carpet tiles are equipped as standard and therefore also named after. The Ecotrust backing can also be chosen for selected wall-to-wall carpets.

With Ecotrust, you and your customer can specify a backing that takes the utmost consideration of the environment by finding a new and valuable use for a product that, seen in isolation, has come to the end of its life cycle. In doing so, you select a product which, without in any way compromising on design, function and quality, takes the utmost consideration of the only Earth we have. A planet that is not only important to us but also to future generations.

From used plastic bottles to carpet backing
Through an innovative manufacturing technique, used plastic bottles are first converted into plastic flakes and then into the soft fibres that are part of the PET-felt backing manufacturing process.

Ecotrust process

Plastic bottles - Plastic flakes - Fibres - Ecotrust backing

In addition to being made from recycled products, the felt has the eco-friendly quality of being regenerable. This means that after use, the felt can be broken down to its original chemical formula and become part of new PET products, for example, vehicle interiors and noise-reducing materials.

Ecotrust 350
Ecotrust 350 is the standard felt backing for our carpet tiles. The backing is made from 100% recycled textile materials without PVC and bitumen and ensures great comfort and sound absorption. Ecotrust 350 is suitable for high traffic areas and is available in an IMO certified version as well.

Head turning tile and plank designs
Experiment with your own combinations
Head turning tile and plank designs
Ecotrust is the term used for our modular collections, i.e. carpet tiles. Our carpet tiles are available in 48x48 cm, 96x96 cm and 24x96 cm sizes as well as the innovative Figura concept with carpet tiles in various geometric shapes.

Outstanding acoustic properties and underfoot comfort

Our patented Ecotrust backing has more great features than just being the environmentally friendly choice for your floor projects. The soft felt material ensures optimum underfoot comfort in the rooms by creating a comfortable feel under the feet, which is neither too soft nor too yielding.

At the same time, the backings are so sturdy that they ensure optimum stability for the carpet tiles. This is important in terms of the quality of the tiling, including the nearly invisible joins that characterise our carpet tiles.

In addition, the Ecotrust backings feature unique acoustic advantages. For example, they reduce reverberations from speech and music very effectively. And the sound of footsteps is also absorbed by the soft material – not just in the individual room but also in the adjoining rooms. This is an advantage in office landscapes and hotels where many people move in close proximity, without it necessarily having to feel that way.

How can you ensure sustainability in your carpet selection?
How can you ensure sustainability in your carpet selection?

Most of our carpets are
Cradle Bronze Certified®

If you combine the Ecotrust backing with a carpet design crafted from the regenerated and regenerable yarn, you get a more sustainable carpet. The regenerated and regenerable yarns are based on used fishing nets, used carpets and other industrial wastes which are converted into durable carpet yarns.

These carpets are Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certified® and you are therefore guaranteed a carpet that is designed with a view to creating closed circuits where waste becomes resources – and are produced of materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment.

We have a wide range of collections combining the Ecotrust backing with the regenerated and regenerable yarn, including all carpet tile collections from the ReForm family. The flat-woven collection Rawline Scala Tiles also falls into this category.

From waste to beautiful carpets for a sustainable future

From waste to beautiful carpets for a sustainable future
Sustainable collections

A green choice

Ege Carpets want to contribute to a more sustainable world. Which is why we have developed the concept of ReForm with collections where both the yarn and the backing are based exclusively on recycled and recyclable material.
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