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Regulating noise is vital to human wellbeing. Simply because a healthy acoustic environment promotes desirable feelings and states of mind such as happiness, concentration and productiveness. Your interior and material choices are crucial to the physical workplace environment and therefore, we offer a premium design range of noise reducing products including acoustic carpets, acoustic rooms and acoustic panels, all of them carefully crafted to create comfortable and attractive spaces.

Make your acoustic design first, then your interior design 
A room has many sound sources, such as airborne noise from speech or radio, structural noise from ventilation systems, tapping noise from footsteps etc. The room acoustics depend on how the sounds travel or reflect inside the room. 

An effective acoustic design includes elements that absorb different frequencies. While acoustic carpets absorb medium to high frequencies, acoustic rooms and acoustic panels successfully fight lower frequencies.

Presentation of Dr. Christian Nocke
Presentation of Dr. Christian Nocke

Dr. Christian Nocke

To ensure the best-in-class sound absorbing performance of our Acoustic Carpets, Acoustic Rooms and Acoustic Panels, we work closely together with German acoustic frontrunner Dr. Christian Nocke from Akustikbüro Oldenburg.
Among other acknowledgements, Dr. Nocke is an appointed expert of the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce, member of various standardisation DIN and ISO committees including Chairman of the DIN Committee of DIN 18041 “Acoustic quality in rooms – requirements, recommendations and instructions for planning” and Deputy Chairman of the committee recasting the directive VDI 4100 “Sound insulation between rooms in buildings – dwellings, assessments and proposals for enhanced sound insulation between rooms.

Acoustic design

Tailored to absorb frequencies
According to Dr. Nocke, an important acoustic learning is that physical loudness and perceived loudness aren't necessarily the same as other factors have an impact too. This phenomenon is known in weather forecasting as the wind chill factor, where the wind force plays a significant role in the perceived temperature. When it comes to loudness, high frequent tones are more annoying to the human ear than low frequent tones and therefore high frequencies are perceived to be louder than low frequencies, even when the volume is equal. This fact is very important prior knowledge for acoustic design that must be tailored to absorb frequencies at different levels. Whereas acoustic carpets are efficient in reducing the medium to high frequencies, acoustic rooms and acoustic panels effectively absorb the lower frequencies.

The huge carpet surface makes
this interior piece one of the most efficient
and cost-effective sound absorbers
Dr. Christian Nocke, Akustikbüro Oldenburg, Germany

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