All our carpets are acoustic optimisers

Our sound absorbing acoustic carpets have a massive effect on the acoustic quality of the room for many reasons. First of all, the floor is one of the largest room surfaces and therefore crucial to the acoustic design. In addition, the soft nature of carpet immediately minimises sound from footsteps, office chairs and objects dropping on the floor. Featuring open yarn structures designed to trap sound and intelligent backings engineered to hold it, our acoustic carpets act as strong absorbers for medium and high frequencies, achieving maximum sound absorption in the frequency range of speech that we're programmed by nature to receive in "the first lane".

Sound absorption

Sound absorption
Sound absorption
Soft and textured sound reducers

Acoustic surfaces

While all our carpet collections have great acoustic advantages when compared to hard flooring surfaces such as wood, concrete or ceramic tiles, each construction has its own set of benefits. Your acoustic goal and the material concept of your room can be closely linked to your perfect carpet choice. Plush or flat-woven, our carpets perform differently in different room architectures. But as a rule of thumb, the acoustic effect from carpet increases along with carpet size.

Crafted in fine yarns and multidimensional structures through advanced techniques, our carpet faces effectively lead sound into the textile surfaces.
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