Office references

Office references
Office references
The Visma Group

From overall architecture to carpet design

The soft and textured Calico loop construction perfectly complements the rough structure of the building and goes very well with the concrete, glass and wooden surfaces. Originally, the house was meant to be fitted with hard floors, but the Visma steering group wanted carpet tiles instead. In other words, acoustics was an important parameter too: “The users were very aware of the downsides of sound reflection and tapping noise. Some business units have call centre functions and in addition, some of their colleagues like making phone calls while walking around the room. Based on the acoustic performance, they liked the idea of Calico from the start,” the creative team explains.
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Spectacular office projects

Design, quality and respect are three important values in the Ege Carpets culture. They each play an important role when we create carpet solutions for our clients. We strive to create individual solutions that make a difference. Join us on a fascinating trip of flooring installations in beautiful locations around the world.

Colombus Consulting


The new interior design features different zones to promote teamwork and collaboration alongside quieter areas. And the flooring design guides employees and clients so they move in a certain direction within the space. Transforming seemingly more cramped spaces without high ceilings into attractive, open workspaces was a huge motivation for the project. Prior to the renovation, these rooms were unused and the addition of carpet played a significant role in adding a valuable new dimension.
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Brønnums Hus Office Club
Brønnums Hus Office Club
Brønnums Hus, Copenhagen

The carpet design as a crucial design element

Brønnums Hus truly is shrouded in a unique atmosphere with an interior decoration creating experiences around every single corner. Mikkel Küster explains: “Each carpet is a work of art. Had it not been for the design freedom, we would have missed an extraordinary dimension in the rooms.”
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Nordea Asset Management


Using carpet planks, the design team behind the project utilised the entire width of the room to connect the space while defining the purpose of different areas. Besides reflecting the pulse as Nordea Asset Management’s visual icon, the carpet design portrays the way users are supposed to work in the new space, as part of the design brief was to introduce more flexible, activity-based work settings. Here, the planks have an important function in the users’ workday, connecting the diverse open work areas to a variety of meeting rooms through the vibrant pulse design.
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It’s about creating places to which people want to go rather than have to go – especially as remote working will likely increase.
Google Campus, Dublin
Google Campus, Dublin
Google Campus, Dublin

Untamed Creativity

With a total floor area of almost 50,000 square metres, the designers were able to take full advantage of the creative freedom allowed to them by the client to specify both hard flooring and an amazing range of carpet designs, where carpet tiles were mostly selected over wall to wall carpet as flexibility of access to underfloor cabling was a key requirement.
Google's array of diverse atmospheres

Kick Offices Phillips Stadion, Eindhoven

Kick Offices Phillips Stadion, Eindhoven
Kick Offices Phillips Stadion, Eindhoven

From raw to welcoming

Located in the former storage hall of the PSV football club, the KICK Office facilities make up a raw environment with a natural need of added warmth and acoustic aid. Thus, carpet was the preferred material from the very beginning. The creative team even decided to take carpets to the next level by covering selected walls in the soft material too.

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