Go bold with powerful contrasts

5 shapes - 19 qualities - 400 colours
Push the conventional flooring design into a completely new direction. With the Figura concept, you have shape, material and colour entirely in your hands to tailor your floor into a truly unique experience with new, interesting and exciting effects.

Combining the flexibility and environmental values of carpet tiles with creative and playful shapes in different materials and colours, Figura can deliver head turning designs that will match any room and requirement.

Mix sizes, colours and materials for fascinating expressions with depth and structure. Experiment with your own combinations to define areas and focal points. Go bold with powerful contrasts, or create a subtle, refined ambience by using different materials in the same colour tone. Figura opens up a new, fresh dimension that encourages creativity to redefine flooring design.

Same shape - different patterns

Technical specifications

The Figura concept comprises 5 shapes, each in 19 qualities. Colours and materials can be used on their own or in combination.

Mix tiles and planks in different sizes for unique flooring solutions. The Figura shapes are cut to ensure perfect joints.

Minimum order from 40 m2 per shape/quality/colour.


Figura can be mixed with standard tiles and planks:

With the Figura concept, you have shape, material and colour entirely in your hands to tailor floor design into a unique experience with head-turning effects.
Backings made from recycled water bottles
Backings made from recycled water bottles

The green choice

All Figura tiles have the patented Ecotrust 350 felt backing. This is an innovative production technique that turns used water bottles into a soft, yet strong and highly durable PET felt that also has great acoustic performance. The PET felt is both recycled and regenerable. The Ecotrust felt backing has been Cradle to Cradle™️ certified, signifying that it is one of the most environmentally friendly tile backings on the market. Some of the qualities available in the Figura concept are also made of 100% regenerated and regenerable yarn.

From waste to beautiful carpets for a sustainable future.
Read more about Ecotrust

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