Dynamic and linear pattern

ReForm Radiant interprets the ever-changing mood of the sun’s reflections on shiny surfaces in a dynamic and linear pattern. In the multidimensional structure, reflective scenes from both natural and urban environments unfold in 20 beautiful standard colours that are the perfect match for your modern interior project.

As an extra, refined design detail, the collection offers 96x96 cm Mix carpet tiles, to create dynamic transitions between two predefined colours. The wall-to-wall carpet is made from regenerated and regenerable yarns and has thereby also earned Cradle-to-Cradle certification. The Radiant construction is incredibly durable and thereby suitable for all types of rooms.


Cradle to Cradle Certified®, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn the collection perfectly suits your sustainable flooring project.

  • ​​Designs/colours: 
    1 design in 20 standard colours and 10 Mix tiles
  • Qualities:
    1 quality
  • Available in:
    Tiles and planks
    (Mix tiles only available in 96x96 cm)
  • Recolour options:
  • Minimum orders:
    Wall-to-wall = No minimum order requirements
    48x48 cm = No minimum order requirements
    96x96 cm and 24x96 cm = 40 m2
    Figura = 40 m2
  • Performance areas:
    EN1307 standard/Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy usage
  • Certification:
    Cradle to Cradle Certified®
    Indoor Air Comfort Gold
  • Ready for dispatch:
    Within 2-3 weeks from receipt of order
  • Sample service:
    Within 2-4 days delivery


Crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarns

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