Chalmers University
Chalmers University
"Vera’s Lawn" made from carpet tiles

Carpet tiles turned into an inspiring garden

The idea of the lawn as a symbol and a real design element had been a vision for some time. The creative team was initially set on the artificial turf used for outdoor soccer fields to materialise the look and feel. However, it only took a few samples to realise that a more conceptual lawn of carpet tiles was by far preferable due to the visual outcome, installation and cleaning.
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Design, quality and respect are three important values in the Ege Carpets culture. They each play an important role when we create carpet solutions for our clients. We strive to create individual solutions that make a difference. Join us on a fascinating trip of flooring installations in beautiful locations around the world.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
University of Copenhagen

Shhh… the carpet said

When it comes to well-being, immersion and productiveness acoustics really matter. To soften the noise level of the library building whilst adding a homely and warm look and feel as well, a myriad of noise reducing materials are specified for the renovation of the University of Copenhagen.
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