University Museum of Bergen

University Museum of Bergen
University Museum of Bergen
Carpet as a spectacular mood creator

The team exploited custom design options

The design team strived to develop a distinctive feeling of going 2,500 metres below sea level. A soft carpet was preferred to create a slightly mysterious atmosphere.
Some parts of the carpet stand out with a three-dimensional look that makes the room come together and the carpet is just as important as the mineral samples from the deep sea.
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Design, quality and respect are three important values in the Ege Carpets culture. They each play an important role when we create carpet solutions for our clients. We strive to create individual solutions that make a difference. Join us on a fascinating trip of flooring installations in beautiful locations around the world.

Mueseum Jorn, Denmark
Museum Jorn, Denmark

Museum Carpeting

The exhibition is complemented by a soft carpet to interplay and enhance colours in Munch's work primarily. “The carpet invites the visitor to travel through a colourful world that creates new experiences from what he sees and moves on,” says Malene Landgreen, contemporary artist and designer of the carpet and continues: “In addition, it has the practical function of gently guiding the visitor through the exhibition.
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