Sustainable design <br>{at your feet}

Sustainable design
{at your feet}

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While it is our business to create exceptional carpets, we’ve always considered it our ethical duty to help inspire progress in society


Acoustic solutions for

The office of tomorrow

Regulating noise levels is essential to our wellbeing. That’s why Ege Carpets offer an extensive range of noise reducing products and solutions.
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New collection
56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard

New collection <br>56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard
Inspired by the beauty of minerals

Poetry in the floorscape

Building on the interaction between colours, materials, light and space, Margrethe Odgaard has developed 56 ever-relevant colours for several Eco collections. The palette comprises social colours that complement and lift each other, as well as individual diva colours that stand out and add vibrant dynamic. The mineral-inspired colours make it possible to create an infinite number of combinations in which the colours relate and react very differently to each other.

These carpets comprise the 100% regenerated and regenerable yarn, which is made from nylon waste such as discarded fishing nets, industrial residues and used carpets.
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When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
When you walk the talk, make sure to leave the right footprints
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