We think sustainability differently

Let's tell you how

Instead of just adding a new collection made from recycled materials to the assortment, we constantly look into our entire portfolio to find new ways of optimising the core products and processes. This is where the volume is, so this is what really matters.

Obviously, we concentrate on the characteristics of the ingredients and our resource spending but durability is a key element too! The longer our carpets last, the less our customers need to buy. With sustainability, it can be as simple as that.

While doing what we do the best; high quality carpets with endless design possibilities, and doing that only, we remain industry experts down to the slightest detail. This empowers us to define focus areas within sustainability, to invent new solutions and ultimately implement improvements with an actual impact. And this is what makes us different.
Follow The Green Thread
We think green
Follow The Green Thread
A green thread runs through everything we do.
It begins in 1938. And it continues into the future – both the part we can see, and the part we can’t. It connects every story, every design, every initiative that we bring into the world.
Our sustainable strategy
We walk the talk...

Our Sustainable Strategy

In our opinion, the right footprint is no footprint. However, that’s not how the real world works. As a carpet manufacturer, we cannot leave no footprint at all. But we can work hard to bring down the negative footprint and to increase the positive footprint. And we've done that for years.
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Sustainable carpets
A green choice
Sustainable carpets
Do you care about the environment and do you want your product choice to reflect your concern and responsibility? Let's guide you to a green project.
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