Poetry in the floorscape

Searching for industry’s poetry and humanity, Margrethe Odgaard has won numerous international awards and accolades for her innovative design approach, which focuses on the interaction between colours, materials, light and space. Inspired by the beauty of natural minerals, Margrethe Odgaard has developed 56 eternal colours for the floor surface.
The colours are available in the Eco Compact, Eco Pro, Eco Rustic and Eco Structure wall-to-wall collections, as well as in the Eco Rustic carpet tile collection.

How to work with colours

How to work with colours
How to work with colours
Do you use the floor's potential?

Let the colours set the mood

The colours of the walls are important for the energy in your room, but the floor colours also play a big role. A grey carpet discreetly underpins any wall colour, but why not use the floor’s full potential by letting the carpet occupy the space on its own terms?
Learn to work with colours

Carpet Colours

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