Instruction films: How to install your carpet

Instruction films

How to install your carpet

Watch a film of how to install your carpet. We guide you through the installation of your particular carpet.
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Maintenance and stain removal

How to maintain your carpet,
"first aid" tips

To prolong the life of your new carpet, maintain its appearance and ensure a healthy indoor climate, it is important that the carpet is regularly and properly maintained. Find the Maintenance Guide here and view films of "first aid" tips which are intended to help you remove stains from your carpet.

Maintenance manual and instruction films


Tested and classified carpets


We never compromise on the things that matter. Our carpets are tested and classified in accordance with the European standard EN 1307 for testing and classification of textile floor covering. Read more about durability, colourfastness and fading, and learn about the symbols behind the classifications.
View symbols and their meanings

Sales conditions

The general terms and conditions of sales documents contains information about:

  • Faults and errors 
  • Goods return
  • Product liability
  • Legal venue 
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Disclaimer
  • Ownership 
  • Payment

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General technical descriptions

Ege Carpets' general technical descriptions shall be regarded as a supplement to the General Terms and Conditions of Sales, as these describe the technical foundation for the products we supply, including details of their construction, measurements, patterns, colours, etc.

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