Recycled yarn residues
One yarn cone weighs between three and five kilograms. As the length of yarn varies from cone to cone, after tufting each cone always has leftover yarn. Our new production line removes leftover yarn and returns it to the supplier. 153 tonnes of yarn residue was recycled in 2021/22.

Recycled cardboard cones
The cardboard cones that hold the yarn are made from recycled cardboard. After use in our tufting facilities, 47 tonnes of cardboard cones are recycled annually.

Disposable pallets become new pallets
As a production company, we receive raw materials on disposable pallets. Therefore, we’ve started to work with companies that buy and sell the pallets, as they can still be used. This means that over 5,500 disposable pallets are reused every year while the rest are chipped or used as biofuel.

Each year we recycle 40 to 50 tonnes of cardboard spools

Sustainability is woven into our mindsets and carpets
The sustainability strategy
Sustainability is woven into our mindsets and carpets
At Ege Carpets we’ve been working closely with sustainability since 1996. Not because laws and regulations have forced us to do so, but because we believe it’s the right and responsible thing to do.
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