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100% Cradle to Cradle certified™
Holding 18 Cradle to Cradle certifications, which cover a total of 110 individual products, we are now the no. 1 brand globally in terms of growth rate of an overall certified assortment.

No other company has ever gone from a 0 to 100% Cradle to Cradle Certified™ assortment that quickly. And across all countries and industries, we hold the number four ranking in terms of companies with the most overall certifications.


From waste to beautiful carpets for a sustainable future

From waste to beautiful carpets for a sustainable future
Sustainable collections

A green choice

Ege Carpets want to contribute to a more sustainable world. So we developed the ReForm carpets produced from recycled and recyclable materials.
So do you care about the environment and do you want your product choice to reflect your concern and responsibility? Then ReForm is the concept for you.
With ReForm you get sustainable carpets that do not compromise design – on the contrary! The concept offers a series of stunning collections to choose from that are ready for shipping from our warehouse within just 2 weeks.
From waste to beautiful carpets, go to collections
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Made from recycled plastic bottles
Ecotrust felt backing
Made from recycled plastic bottles
All our carpet tiles and planks come with our patented Ecotrust backing. Used plastic bottles are converted into a soft but durable felt that will benefit acoustics, comfort levels – and the environment!

Waste is not waste until it is wasted

Waste is not waste until it is wasted
A sustainable world

ECONYL® - Made from used fishing nets

Many of our collections are made from regenerated and regenerable ECONYL® yarns. Our ECONYL® based collections are eco-friendly alternatives for those projects characterised by thinking about people and the environment in a broader sense than just the specific working environment. Without compromising design and quality, the collections are helping to take care of the land that we will pass on to future generations. And this makes them a very specific choice that you and your customers can take to help make a difference.
What is ECONYL®
Sustainability is not an option <br> It is weaved into everything we do
Sustainability is not an option
It is weaved into everything we do

We keep fighting the green fight

Sometimes the biggest difference is invisible

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