Complete the look of your rug with the choice of finishing

The edging can be a distinct feature of your rug design or you can have a neutral finishing or no visible border at all.

There are four options: overlock, border, blind binding or simply cut.

Not all finishings are suitable for all carpet types. Overlock stitching and borders are the most widely available options while the long pile carpets are especially suitable for blind binding.

See overview of all the options.

  • Borders are only available for square rugs.
  • For shapes with inward corners, overlock is the only option.
  • Overlock: maximum size 400x2000 cm
  • Borders: maximum size 400x800 cm
  • Blind binding: maximum size 400x600 cm. Round carpets only Ø390 cm.

4 finishing options


Borders in different colours and materials

The perfect companion to your personal rug

Choose among 20 options in different colours and material.
See the border options

Overlock yarns

Overlock yarns
Overlock yarns
Overlock in 30 different colours

Matching overlock yarn colours for your rug

With 30 different colours to choose from, you can always get the best match for your individual rug.
View all 30 overlock colours

Any shape

Any shape
Any shape

Design your custom rug to fit your room perfectly

With our any-shape-and-any-size concept, you can design your commercial area rug to fit your room perfectly. Here’s a small selection of shapes for your inspiration.
Take a look and be inspired

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