Shadows, in their fleeting beauty, are a captivating play of colour and visual texture: a shapeshifting canvas where diffused hues merge and dance in the light. Each shadow is a unique blend of tones, softly transitioning from one to another, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of light and dark. Through textured glass, these ephemeral shapes transform into a serene yet dynamic pattern, creating a kind of subtle mystery to the objects they are trying to express.

In the ReForm Shadowplay collection, the distinctive patterns of Umbra and Obscura are brought to life through a multi-level loop construction, creating a tangible sculptural texture. Whether used individually or combined, these designs express themselves by mimicking complex shadows on the floor. The balance of tone-on-tone neutrals and subtle halos of deep colour will have you feeling like you're walking across a field of playful shadows.


This collection is the creation of Carol Appleton, the designer behind our ReForm Memory, ReForm Mark of Time and ReForm Artworks collections. Crafted using eco-responsible materials, ReForm Shadowplay is available in a variety of contemporary colours and is certified according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program.

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere, and sound reduction to any project, rugs elevate and renew the floor, a sometimes overlooked part of interior decoration. With a simple, yet very effective grip, a rug transforms your room into a completely new space. Customise your rug by choosing construction, size, shape, and edging.

With Ege Carpets' rugs concept, you can customise the rug to perfectly fit the interior style you aim for by following a quite simple procedure.

  • Available in:
    Tiles and planks
  • Recolour options:
  • Ready for dispatch:
    Within 3 weeks from receipt of order
  • Sample service:
    Within 2-4 days delivery


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